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October 30, 2012

Chris Korzen

Alleged "Kennebunk John" apparently gave to anti-same-sex marriage campaign, conservative Christian lawmaker

Turner builder donated $1,000 to “No on 1 effort” and $700 to state senator Garrett Mason

Portland, ME - A review of campaign finance filings has found that the name of one of the men charged in the ongoing Kennebunk prostitution scandal matches that of a large contributor to the effort to defeat the state's same-sex marriage ballot measure and a maxed-out donor to Garrett Mason (R-Lisbon Falls), a Christian conservative and staunch opponent of marriage equality.

According to state records, on October 15, 2012, Donald Fortin of Turner personally donated $1,000 to Protect Maine Marriage and $350 to Mason through his business, Fortin Construction.[1] On June 21, Fortin also made a personal contribution to Mason in the amount of $350.[2]

On October 25, the Kennebunk Police charged Donald Fortin of 83 Skillings Wood Road in Turner with Engaging a Prostitute.[3] The same address is also found on the corporate filings of Diamond Developments of Maine, LLC (owned by a Donald Fortin) as well as a campaign contribution report by a Cynthia Fortin, who also gave $350 to Mason's campaign on October 15.[4]

“We feel that the public deserves to know about this kind of hypocrisy," said Maine's Majority director Chris Korzen. "If Donald Fortin the campaign donor is indeed the same Donald Fortin in the Kennebunk Police press release, he cannot get away with actively promoting a conservative political agenda while engaging in behavior that is so blatantly at odds with his stated values. Furthermore, Protect Maine Marriage and Garret Mason must do the right thing and return these contributions.”

On its web site, Fortin Construction bills itself as “A Christian Family Owned Company.”[5]


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